3 Physician-Friendly Tech Tips To Increase Patient Retention

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technology to increase patient retention

It is much harder to keep patients in today’s healthcare environment. It takes a conscious effort, strategy, and stack of technology tools to achieve patient retention at even the smallest medical practice. For patient retention to be successful, healthcare providers need to get on board with technology.

It’s not as scary as it sounds. From the tech-savvy to the non-techie, these three tips to increase patient retention can be applied in almost any setting.

1. Transform the way you bill patients

One way you can increase patient retention is in transforming the payment process. Patients will be more likely to return to your practice if the billing process is convenient, transparent, and patient-focused.

This transformation doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, however. Follow some easy first steps to get started, such as:

  • Patient bills should be written in clear and easy-to-read language.
  • Minimize the amount of medical jargon that appears in financial communications as much as possible.
  • Patients should not be confused about what action to take to make payments.
  • Multiple payment options should be outlined in an easily identifiable area.
  • Contact information for questions and comments should be easy to find.
  • Be transparent in the amount owed, and itemize statements where necessary.


2. Schedule monthly giveaway promotions

Another way you can increase patient retention is by introducing monthly gift card promotions. These promotions will give your patients an incentive to make appointments at your practice. Each month, you should randomly award a few gift cards to patients who had appointments with you that month. Each gift card should have a value of anywhere from $5-$50, larger amounts reserved for bigger promotions.


3. Get in on digital marketing

Digital marketing tactics are underutilized in most healthcare settings due to a lack of time and knowledge on the healthcare provider’s part. But with the availability of more tools than ever, it is easier for even the smallest practice to start a digital marketing strategy. Some examples could include sending out e-newsletters to keep patients engaged and delighted, or creating social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to reach patients.

Investments in digital marketing strategies will allow you to engage your patients on a regular basis, relatively cost-effectively. This keeps you and your practice top of mind for patients. Constant engagement also helps build your brand’s awareness and establish authority. In your e-newsletters and posts to social media platforms, post valuable advice for both current and future patients. Over time, you will establish yourself as an expert and win the trust of your patient base. A bonus opportunity with strategic marketing efforts: promote your monthly giveaways!


As you can see, there are many things you can do to increase overall patient satisfaction and retention for your practice. Start with these three tech-savvy tips to boost patient retention. 


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