Finally, Merchant Fees You Can Understand

Flat Rates at 1.89%+ and your monthly fee - That's it!

Simplify payments to grow your business


Low Risk + High Volume + Card Present (how you take transactions) could be as low as 1.89%

These are the factors we take in to pricing:

  • Risk - certain industries represent different levels of financial and reputational risk. The higher the risk your company represents to the bank, the less likely you will be to qualify for the lowest rates.
  • Volume - dollar amount of gross credit card sales in a month. Merchants with higher sales volume have better buying power to negotiate rates
  • How you take payment - the manner in which you accept payment (in person, online, over the phone, etc) is relevant to the type of pricing you receive.
  • Average Ticket - total sales volume/ number of transactions.
  • Monthly Fees - PCI, Regulatory, Statement fee.

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