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Merchant Processing

Lower Your Processing Costs

Our goal is to provide robust processing platforms that utilize the latest PCI secure technology to help you reduce your costs and increase your bottom-line. By providing highly competitive processing rates we’ll help maximize revenue for your business. As a one-stop solution for virtually any type of payment related product and service, Banctek is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its growing customer base one merchant at a time.

Clear, customized pricing. No Surprises.

Not all businesses are created equal so why be forced into a rate bucket that may cost you more? Get the best pricing structure for your business in minutes. No haggling necessary.

Support when you need it.

We ensure you have a compatible, scalable solution that can grow with your business. Point of sale, mobile, eCommerce, terminal, contactless, NFC. If it exists we support it. Not sure what you need, call us.

Mobile Apps

Our goal is to provide you the best possible payment solution so you never have to call us. But when you do we are available--phone, email, chat. Local support by people that won’t waste your time.

Secure payments should be a given.

Stop letting others sell you on security, we all adhere to the same standards. PCI, EMV, point-to-point encryption, tokenization, etc.

Gift and Loyalty

Value add marketing programs to increase your growth potential!

Loyalty programs and gift cards have long proven to draw in new customer sign-ups and increase the bandwidth of repeat business with incentives like cash back, points and miles. Banctek can provide you with data critical marketing tools for attracting and retaining crucial customers. We can help you build automated marketing campaigns like SMS text, email and social media that will drive customers to your business and entice them to come back.

More Revenue.

If you do not have a gift & loyalty program, you are missing out on revenue. We can build it, brand it, configure it, and track it. Cost effective marketing for the small businesses.

Beat Amazon.

Losing sales to the Amazons of the world? Start building relationships with your customers and reward them through incentive programs—points, discounts, rebates, referrals. One tool, unlimited options.

Create Value.

Stop using gift certificates and punch cards. Like a credit card, customers equate a gift card with money. Plus you can brand it and track the activity to make better business decisions.

Customers Spend More.

A Deloitte survey shows that businesses who “take meaningful steps to customer loyalty are 88% more profitable than their competitors who do not.” Don’t be the 12%.

Business Financing

We enable growth in your business quickly and affordably.

Short Term - Long Term, Lines of Credit.

Whether you need $10,000 for inventory or $200,000 for a major renovation we have the programs to meet any small business need.

Say No to Cash Advances.

Merchant cash advances have exuberant rates, built in commissions you pay for, and lock you into your processing contract. We offer small business loans, never profit off your rate, and do not hold you hostage.

Simple and Fast.

If you are looking for financing, chances are you need it now. Credit decisions in minutes and funding as fast as 1 business day.

100% Focused in Small Business.

We’ve seen it all. Our US-based support team will work with you to get you the funding your business needs to grow.

POS, eCommerce, Mobile

Advanced Equipment & Software.

Banctek strives to support the solutions you need for your industry-specific business. Our commitment to stay on top of the latest technology keeps us focused on the ever-changing market so your business is always moving forward.

Point of Sale Partners.

There is a really good chance that the point of sale you use is a partner of Banctek’s. This means we can offer you fully integrated processing directly through your POS.

Selling online?

We work with all major eCommerce platforms. Let us help you save a couple bucks and enjoy fanatical support for your team of engineers.

Take Payments Anywhere.

Get paid from your customers where ever you are connected. We have sever simple mobile payment solutions that will work on your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

Connect to Us.

Do you have custom software for you business. Ask us how we can work with your developer to integrate our payments technology to create a seamless payments experience for your customers.


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