• Automation

    Our A/P Platform streamlines your vendor payments to decrease internal costs and increase your DPO with no upfront technology costs.

  • Full Payment Modality

    With a single payment file, our platform will pay your vendors with their preferred payment method—virtual credit card, ACH, or check.

  • ERP Integrations

    We are integrated with multiple ERP systems so you can leverage our A/P automation directly from within your ERP functionality.

  • Vendor Enablement

    Our team of vendor specialists will work with your suppliers, so you don’t have to.

  • AP Reconciliation

    Our platform automatically tracks each payment to give you an overview of your AP activity for important insights and a detailed audit trail.

  • Rebates/Terms

    We can help you turn a cost center into a profit center by providing a rebate on your AP spend or extended terms to in increase your DPO and free up working capital.

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Banctek is an end-to-end payments platform for all business types.

  • Card Present Processing – Whether a restaurant, retail chain, or food truck; Banctek has the right solution for your business.
  • Card Not Present Processing – Whether accepting payments online, over the phone, or an e-invoice; we have a solution.
  • High Risk Businesses – Our multiple banks and processing partners allow us to board businesses that others cannot.

Banctek provides robust processing platforms to help you reduce your costs and increase your bottom-line.

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