• Array of Industries

    We are able to board merchant accounts in industries most banks will decline. Whether it is nutraceuticals, CBD, or timeshares. If it makes sense, we can do it.

  • Complimentary Consulting

    We have a deep understanding and years of experience in working with hard to place accounts. We will work with you to understand all facets of your business and put you in the best position to get your account approved.

  • Multiple Banks

    We have direct relationships with multiple banks that we work with daily. We have direct lines of contact to their executive teams to get accounts boarded that most can’t.

  • Flexible Underwriting

    We don’t just look at the industry type, but your entire business to ensure we understand how you are operating to find ways to get your account boarded quickly.

  • Chargeback Assistance

    We use 10 modules for industry leading security with the ability to block transactions and build a risk scoring models to help reduce your chargebacks.

  • Quick Approvals

    Our experience and banking relationships allow us to evaluate, submit, and negotiate approvals quickly.

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Banctek is an end-to-end payments platform for all business types.

  • Card Present Processing – Whether a restaurant, retail chain, or food truck; Banctek has the right solution for your business.
  • Card Not Present Processing – Whether accepting payments online, over the phone, or an e-invoice; we have a solution.
  • High Risk Businesses – Our multiple banks and processing partners allow us to board businesses that others cannot.

Banctek provides robust processing platforms to help you reduce your costs and increase your bottom-line.

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