Banctek Partners

Our competitors do some things that we don’t like very much.

Promise your customer low rates and then continually add fees until they are paying more than ever.
Promise industry leading support then never pick up the phone for you or your customers.
Make commitments to help you grow your business then just call you every couple of days asking for more leads from you.
Make it your revenue share so hard to understand that you never know if you are getting paid fairly.
Not offering the payments technology you need to attract more customers.

If you are experiencing any of these issue with your current partner it is time you give us a shot. We have not forgotten how important it is to have great partners.

Customer Rates

Once we determine the customer rates with you, they are set unless you are involved in any changes. No need for surprises here for you or your customers.

Revenue Share

We make your rates clear and easy to understand. You'll never have to question if you are being paid your fair share

Payments Technology

We evolve with the technology to offer state-of-the art solutions for your customers as they become available in the marketplace


We are available when you or your customers need us

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